The production of fish skin.

The production of fish skin should not be seen as the work of a small firm (whose activities are more similar to scientific research than commercial), this is a separate large area in the leather industry, which, with proper investment and qualified approach, will successfully develop and generate revenue.

The development of the “fish” trend in the leather industry has many positive aspects: from the economic point of view it is a more rational use of raw materials already available in large quantities, the creation of jobs in many areas of economic life (tanning, production of clothes and shoes, decoration of interior and furniture, hand made goods); from ecological point of view, this is the rational use of waste from the fish processing industry, which is not always utilized properly, that leads to the formation of huge rotting dumps.

¬†Approximately 20 thousand species of fish inhabit the waters of our planet and each species is unique in its own way. It is an inexhaustible source for creating more and more new technologies. This diversity allows you to get a very wide range of fish skin. And it’s not just fish skin, it’s a completely new industry that appeared in the 21st century. These are not just handbags from fish skin, it is creation of thousands of jobs, new machines for processing fish skin, a new round of development of the chemical industry, new trends in the design of clothing and footwear. This is a new economic niche, which for the time being is not filled.