Fish leather tea light candle holder

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This dainty candle holder perfectly incorporates natural, yet eye-catching and unique style for your decor needs. Every piece is handcrafted with eco-friendly fish leather manufactured by our own technology. It allows salmon leather to fit so tightly around the glass, that these materials seem to merge together and become one. Natural adhesive (fish glue) at the back of the skin makes it possible to securely attach it onto the glass surface.

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Thanks to its exotic look, each candle holder appears gorgeous even on its own, but it truly comes to life with the warm glow of a candle. Subtle leather texture captures the light on each of its “scale pockets” and then transmits it, gently scattering light across the room. It is just the right thing to create that cozy, calming, or romantic atmosphere and entice the mood of your house.

Our tea light candle holder is covered with a food safe finish, protecting the surface of fish leather and giving it a rather smooth and silky feel. At the same time it’s completely deprived of this glossy, plastic-like texture – instead, it radiates natural warmth and is incredibly nice for the touch. This is a perfect housewarming gift, but it is sure to fit any other occasions too, such as weddings, family gatherings, Valentine’s Day, or birthdays. Or perhaps you’re just looking for something to decorate your nightstand or desk with – whatever it is, we are sure that this candle holder will complement any living space and add a unique charm to it.


Weight150 g
Dimensions80 × 80 × 105 mm

Type of material


Shadi Leather


Our raw product comes from fish farms that breed sturgeon for human consumption.
What we use to make leather is their by-product, which would otherwise be destroyed or at best recycled.

No, it does not. The natural odor is removed during the manufacturing process along with the fish fats and oils.

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